June News

We have recently updated our social network sites and website! Links to our social networks are in the Contact area or click on the link below.

 EMAIL send us a message with contact.spacela@gmail.com

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May News

Paul Rose, our founder, recently started SpaceLA's first Outreach Program to local schools!

We are currently in contact with local business partners for our new PAID internship program. See our "Get Involved" tab.

Justin our editor is currently working on a fantastic new TV show! Well done Justin! He is very busy editing in Vegas.

Lindsay is also busy designing at Moonscoop Entertainment, also working freelance design, and making updates on our site.

We are in the process of finding our new home in the Warner Center. More updates to come!

November News

Here are a few thing we have going on through the past few months:

- Our Friend Paul Volk has been in Las Vegas to set up a studio and start producing his new project.

- We filmed a benefit for the SAM (Sigma Alpha Mu) Fraternity at the Bistro Gardens last week.

- We are in Pre-Production for our new Documentary Series.

- Justin has and is busy working as an editor for a soon to be released movie "Cross".

- We will be casting for a new show soon.

- Congratulations to Spencer Ludwig on launching his $2.00 Show non-profit. We look forward to working with him again soon.

Happy Thanksgiving!

April News

We filmed the $2 Shows fundraising concert event and had a great time seeing dance performances and new bands. We will be doing another filming for $2 Shows May 1st so come check it out. Currently behind the scenes we are developing some business plans for expanding SpaceLA.

March News

SpaceLA has been doing freelance for video editing and shooting documentaries. We are also having meetings with colleges to spread the word about SpaceLA.

February News

Big news! We are happy to welcome Final Draft as a sponsor! You can visit their site here.

An education tab has been added to our site. Currently we have terminology but we will be expanding that to an entire educational section. In our videos section a technical video has been posted about certain techniques of filming and light. In addition to that we are currently working on a fun video called "Knock, Knock... ADVENTURE !!!"

January News

This month we are really working on our scripts and our characters for our shows. We will be having auditions after the scripts are finalized so keep checking back for more events.

December News

Version 2.0 of our website has been created! Justin has edited our first three SpaceLA featured videos. Shana Rose has a concert event called "It's Your Turn" December 24th at 6:00 pm. It's at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion but will be streamed LIVE on the internet via www.kcet.org or just the audio portion cast on radio station 90.7 FM.

SpaceLA would like to wish you happy holidays and a great New Year with our holiday video on our videos page!

November News

We are in talks with CSUN University and Pierce College and hope to be working together soon. Spenser Ludwig is our newly elected Music Director and we look forward to seeing all the latest bands and soundtracks. Justin Rose has completed his Final Cut Pro classes and is our latest editor to be certified for Space LA. Shana has finished supervising or script writing sessions and Season One the "Show" is up and ready to shoot. Thanks to Little Feat the band for their video clip from England's "Stonehenge" concert.


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