Space LA
The Society for Production, Art, and Creative Entertainment
A California Non Profit 501 © 3 Organization


What is the driving force behind success? How do you find a career that fits you? These are important questions for all who care about young people, and the communities they go on to shape. Our mission is to help students gain an opportunity in high school, college, and career by connecting strong academics with real-world experience in a wide range of fields, such as film production, multimedia, scriptwriting, music, theater, directing, editing, and art. Our programs offer multiple pathways that combine academics with real world experience, such as:
Work based learning
Transition High school/college programs
Transition College/workplace programs
Students mentored by professionals in the field
Job shadowing
Linked learning to fields of interest
Introduction of new skills leading to future careers

Job Counseling

How many times have we heard; ”Do you have any work experience”? The students can’t get experience without a job, and they can’t get a job without experience. It’s the old “Catch 22”. The success of this initiative is critical for our students and for our communities’ prosperity and depends on collaboration between business, education, and community. The SpaceLA’s mentoring pathways’ approach challenges and inspires students to learn through real work experience and develops highly skilled individuals ready for the workforce.

Our Goals

In Apursuing our mission, we are guided by the following goals:
dvance educational economic prospects for low income Californians through our multiple pathway linked mentoring programs.

Interest students in the Arts, Film, Multimedia, Music, Technology, and Writing programs by fostering creativity for them in a fun and nurturing environment.

Enrich California’s intellectual and creative community with new skills for today’s latest careers.

SpaceLA, Society for Production, Art, and Creative Entertainment, a California non profit 501 © 3 Organization, offers opportunities to students to acquire career skills and learn how to investigate fields of interest related to students’ career or college goals. We offer career preparation with work experience internships that links to the skills needed to enter and succeed in the workplace. Internships help employers develop their future workforce while creating long-term partnerships link education with real results for businesses. SpaceLA intends to create a set of standards and provide guidance for their implementation to ensure that internships help all students learn career skills which they need to succeed in today’s world. This includes:
To work with schools/colleges and employers
A quality control and supervision system to support learning in an effective and safe environment
A role for interested parties to be involved and trained in helping procure internships/grants
Professional mentors from related industries to shadow and train students during internships
College credit
Opportunities to acquire career skills and investigate fields of interest related to student’s career and college goals
An evaluation process of and by mentors, employers, and faculty
Production facility allowing work on multiple ongoing projects


Students learn core skills while gaining experience with current technology. SpaceLA faculty includes highly experienced professionals and famous mentors along with instructors currently working for major media and film/stage organizations. Students gain valuable and practical experience in a variety of disciplines through hands on work with live productions and shows. All students graduate with a digital portfolio of their work. All students receive job placement opportunities.

SpaceLA, The Society for Production, Art, and Creative Entertainment has a deep passion for helping others reach their full potential, become a responsible member of the community, and increase knowledge to develop skills that are relevant to their career goals and interests. Job placements and opportunities are available for all students.

SpaceLA’s goals are to increase student population to 500 students by the Fall of 2011. Our faculty is developing new programs to provide Internet job postings, counseling, and other opportunities to all Californians.

We are committed to creating a diverse community of faculty, professional mentors, teachers, and students, and we are an equal opportunity employer. All applicants are considered on the basis of their qualifications for scholarships or positions without regard to race, religion, origin, age, disability, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, or veteran status.







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