Paul Rose - C.E.O. President

Paul Rose is a former Director of Fox Records in London, England, and co-founder of Folio Incorporated, a major Japanese Modeling Agency and Production Studios.

For the past 15 years, Mr. Rose has run the family business as CEO and acted for a community non profit as liason between corporations, senior citizens, and schools in the San Fernando Valley in California. He worked most recently with Lokrantz Special Education Center. (2009) Mr. Rose has 25 years of international relations and marketing experience. He has worked on projects with various government ministries, leading advertising agencies, and corporations. As an example, the creation of Folio Incorporation in Japan was a new concept in servicing the Japanese market with "International" fashion models. He saw the need and filled a glaring void in the Japanese market.

Mr. Rose has assisted clients with marketing strategy development in a range of industries and worked extensively with many cultural organizations. Responsibilities included: fund raising, international contracts, show productions, and international talent search. Paul Rose has a deep passion for helping others and is known for his special ability to work with diverse cultures. He is married to Annette Rose who is an elementary school teacher. Together they have three children and a granddaughter.


Larry Morris - Chief Financial Officer

Morris is a 25-year veteran of the entertainment and financial services industry. Larry is a visible and much sought after financial and operational expert on the inner workings of medium sized corporate entities. Larry has spent much of his career on successfully creating and integrating financial and operational systems while incorporating current technology within those systems. Under his direction, his companies have experienced double digit increases in revenues and profit, while being associated with some of the most successful and recognized media campaigns in the world. As a Chief Financial Officer for a variety of companies, Larry is charged with the delicate task of keeping creatively driven companies on a financially responsible course. He oversees the day-to-day administration of his client's multi-tiered financial interests while creating meaningful analytical information compiled from various and often incongruous data sources. His forte is in his ability to distill complex financial information into organized and defined reporting structures so that company owners, often non-financial by nature, can use the data to make key corporate decisions.

A native of Stamford, Connecticut, Morris received a B.A. in Business Administration from Syracuse University. After graduating, he worked with the prestigious firm of Coopers and Lybrand in Boston, where he earned his C.P.A.

Morris moved to California to join Gelfand, Rennert, and Feldman, a business management firm where he serviced a variety of personal accounts, including those of Michael Jackson, Ry Cooder and Robert Zemeckis. He also handled the accounting for Jackson's groundbreaking "Thriller" video. Recently he concluded the lead financial role in the come back world tour of Leonard Cohen.

Larry is living in Los Angeles with two kids and a dog.

Will Craig Meyer - MS. Professor / Director

MR. Meyer is a professor of Geology, a faculty member of physics and planetory sciences, and C.L.O. of like foundation at Pierce College. Mr. Meyer is much sought after and works with industry and government to develop and test new environmental technologies.

Craig Meyer is currently developing new environmental curriculum and certificate courses. Professor Meyer received his Master degree in Geology from U.S.C. He has been teaching environmental science, geology, and oceanography at Pierce College since 1973. He has over 30 years experience in the environmental sciences, specializing in environmental assessment, remediation, and water treatment.

Steven C. Jarmus - Board/Director

Steven Jarmus worked in the home entertainment division at the Universal Studies in various executive positions where he was responsible for international home video and pay TV distribution. He was posted to Tokyo in the beginning of 1983 where he established the home video business in Japan and Asia.

Mr. Jarmus was President for the Television Distribution at Universal Studios culminating an 18 year career as the Executive responsible for the worldwide free TV, pay TV, PPV/VOD, and non-theatrical distribution markets. Steven Jarmus managed a worldwide 7 office, 150 person sales orginazation.

Steven Jarmus is currently a Media & Entertainment Consultant specializing in worldwide film and television distribution.

Mr. Jarmus is fluent in Japanese and conversant in French and Spanish. Steven Jarmus lives in Beverly Hills, California with his two children Daniel and Talia.

Amanda Susan Davies - Board/Director

Amanda Davies lived in England and Canada before settling in California in 1983. She has a BA with honors in Psychology from USC and she is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. She worked as an independent consultant for many years in the IT field. Amanda is currently employed by the Los Angeles Community College District at Pierce College as a faculty member and she is the Assistant Principal Investigator responsible for administering a $3 million budget from a Department of Education grant.

Amanda Davies lives in Chatsworth, California with her daughter Emma.

Darren Paskal - Director

Darren Paskal has been an entrepreneur from an early age, managing and operating his own businesses while still in his twenties. Free World Productions Ltd. and Paskal Sound Design have been incorporated for over 13 years. Mr. Paskal has managed over 200 television and film projects through his companies. Some of his credits include: Godzilla, Booty Call, Men in Black (TV version), Air Force One (TV version), Dawson's Creek

Mr. Paskal has worked for all the major studies. (Sony, Warner Bros., Paramount, Universal, Fox, and Disney)

Darren Paskal and Gregory Noss are owners of "KRA", a technology service business focused on mastering and finishing for broadcast. Kra's clients include: MTV, Universal, NBC, Spike TV, WE, ABC.

Mr. Paskal has furthermore a strong background in photography. He has photographed Senator McCain, Robert Downey Jr., Sara Jessica Parker, Don Knotts, and many others. Darren Paskal attended UCLA and was recruited by the Art Center College of Design with advance standing for his achievement in photography.

Mr. Paskal lives in Woodland Hills, California with his wife and 3 children.


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