Mission Statement

SpaceLA’s mission is to empower students and recent graduates at critical stages in their creative lives. SpaceLA offers work experience to young people by investing in their ideas and to pioneer new forms of artistic and social interaction with emerging creativity.

About SpaceLA

The Society for Production, Art and Creative Entertainment –- SpaceLA -- is a job readiness, work experience and community-building program like no other. A unique new California 501©3 nonprofit organization, our mission is to inspire and empower students and recent graduates as they attempt to transition into a historically depressed job market – by connecting them with real opportunities to train in, engage in and serve their communities while acquiring leading-edge technological skills most needed by Southern California's signature creative arts and entertainment employers. Much more than a next-generation jobs program, SpaceLA's technology and community based approach to youth training and employment offers a promising new paradigm for our times.

Working with a distinguished group of Community Partners, SpaceLA facilitates difficult to come by work experience in high-demand Southern California job categories, including: Digital and multi-media production and editing; special effects; graphic design; media arts and animation; visual effects and motion graphics, and music and sound engineering. After completing training or paid internships as well as pre-employment counseling, our students fan out to join existing creative projects (such as documentaries, training videos, and public message films) or originate their own socially relevant projects in the neighborhoods and communities they know best. We also provide the means for Professional/Student mentoring, and regularly showcase and promote student work in live public venues such as concerts and exhibitions, and via our own constantly evolving Internet "Hub" (www.spacela.com).

For motivated, tech-savvy young graduates interested in careers utilizing digital technology in arts and entertainment, SpaceLA offers an exciting and realistic new career development model. Given an opportunity now, many young people will join the next generation of talented artists and entrepreneurs contributing to Southern California's dynamic multi-media based economy.

We hope you will join us in this important endeavor!

"Critics may deride us as 'the Lindsay Lohan of states,' but the Golden State is sound and its future is as bright as ever… California no doubt faces serious challenges… We will meet these challenges. California has the most diversified economy in the country. It has the most diverse population, and the youngest. These are huge advantages… but we also possess the unmatched imagination and entrepreneurship of our people…"

- "California Isn't Broken", by Bill Lockyer and Stephen Levy, L.A.Times.

SpaceLA is passionate about the industry and helps to promote young people by investing in their ideas.

For further information about supporting SpaceLA, please contact the development team.

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